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Practice #1 2019 Season

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Bruins at the Next Level
Page Created By: Krista Murphy Date : 5/17/2017

Jordan Cobb '18 (DB)

Bridgewater College

Jordan Cobb


Amor Key '18 (DB)

Randolph-Macon College

Amor Key


Tyler Matheny '18 (DB)

Virginia Tech

Tyler Matheny


Lamont Atkins '17 (RB)

University of Virginia

Lamont  Atkins


Ty Crabb '17 (QB)

Stevenson University (MD)

Ty Crabb full bio


Jacob Laub '17 (OL)

Catholic University of America (DC)

Jacob Laub


Abe Mansaray '17 (RB)

Wesley College (DE)

Abe Mansaray


Andrew Park '17 (TE)

University of Maryland

Andrew Park


Nick Bruhn '16 (K/P)

Wesley College (DE)

Nick Bruhn

Daniel Dinges '16 (LB)
U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Daniel Dinges


Kyle Edwards '16 (QB)

University of Alabama 

Edwards, Kyle


David Fofi '16 (WR)

Temple University (PA)


Trey Stephens '16 (WR)

Bridgewater College

Trey Stephens

A.J. Alexander '15 (TE)

The Ohio State University

A.J.  Alexander

Dejoun Lee '15 (RB)

U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Dejoun Lee

Vince Sica '15 (WR)

University of Delaware 


Ryan Antonellis '14 (TE)
Harvard University (MA)

Ryan Antonellis


Reece Burnett '14 (DT)

Towson University

Reece Burnett


Lance Hammond '14 (DL)

Johns Hopkins University (MD)

Lance  Hammond


Caleb Henderson '14 (QB)

University of North Carolina / University of Maryland


Corey Huddleston '14 (K/P)

University of Pittsburgh / College of William & Mary 

Cory Huddleston


Ryan Kelly '14 (LB)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ryan Kelly


Dwight Lomax '14 (LB)

Central Connecticut State University

Dwight Lomax


Yet Fekatu '13 (WR)

Becker College (MA)

Yetbarek Fekadu


Jon Henderson '13 (DL)

Geneva College (PA)


Jason Hoskins '13 (DB)

University of Virgnia's College at Wise



Caleb McCoy '13 (DL)

Christopher Newport University

Caleb McCoy


Romario Peart '13 (DL)

Lock Haven University (PA)

Romario Peart

Bryan Smith '13 (OL)

Stevenson University

Bryan Smith


Austin Wolfe '13 (DB)

Michigan State University

Austin  Wolfe


Greg Jones '12 (DB)
Virginia Tech

Greg Jones


Neptune Joseph '12 (DB)

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Neptune Joseph


Eric Long '12 (DB)

Randolph-Macon College 

Eric Long


Caleb Montemayor '12 (OL)

Christopher Newport University

Caleb Montemayor


Tanner Quigley '12 (WR)

Christopher Newport University

Tanner Quigley


Tyler Quigley '12 (QB)

Christopher Newport University

Tyler Quigley


Ricky Tkac '12 (LB)

Davidson College 

Ricky Tkac


Nick Weiler '12 (K)

University of North Carolina

Weiler Weiler 919293


Mike Neibrich ’11 (QB)                                                                                      

University of Connecticut / Fordham University (NY)                    



Andrew Weidinger '11 (RB) 
College of William & Mary

Andrew Weidinger

Matt Zanellato '11 (WR)

Penn State University

Matt  Zanellato


Grant Nolan ’09 (WR)                                                             
Washington & Lee University                                               

Grant Nolan              


Craig Froelich '08 (OL)

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy


Keon Robinson ’08 (DB)                                                                

Shepherd University                                                                         



Brett Holmes '08 (LS)
Shenandoah University

Brett Holmes


Ernest Hunter '01 (OL) 

West Virginia University

Ernest Hunter 


Not Pictured

John Kraus ’89 (OL) - James Madison University

Judd Altman ’02 (OL) - University of Richmond

Branden Klegin ’03 (RB) - University of Virginia

Lathon Romaine ’03 (LB) - Frostburg State University (MD)

Jack Darcy ’18 (QB) - Shepherd University (WV)

Dylan O'Brien ’18 (DB) - Catholic University of America (DC)


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